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We had questions too when we started, don’t be afraid to ask and we are sure we can support each other in creating cosmetic brands.

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Who are we?

Sarah and Tequila (Our Directors) are sisters in business. They started Magical Cosmetic Manufacturing to help take some of the stress produced by starting a cosmetics business away. 

When the sister started their own cosmetics business, they found themselves confused by the choice and frustrated at the little support they received. 

“We want to support small businesses and entrepreneurs in becoming cosmetic-friendly retailers, we believe that making the process as simple as possible is essential to ensuring a successful business model. We produce all of our cosmetics in the United Kingdom where everything is completed ethically.”

Your Next Big Idea

We can help you pick, pack and design your ideal cosmetic line, from bath bombs to oils, we pride ourselves on being great at what we do!

High Quality Manufacturing

Our cosmetic manufacturing process uses high quality and ethically sourced ingredients, ensuring that your customer truly feels the benefit of your product.

Brand & Develop

We can help you brand and deploy your business, by creating stickers and ingredient labels to help you get your business off the ground faster.