Brand Highlight: Canna Magic

Our journey started when we decided to form our own business making bath bombs under our own brand, Canna Magic. We had first-hand experience with how CBD could help people with aches and pains and a whole plethora of health issues – and we figured the CBD cosmetic industry was lacking in an organic, vegan bath bomb offering – so we started our own.

Starting with a “Magic” CBD based muscle rub balm, and then branching out to a range of CBD infused bath bombs, we launched Canna Magic and have never looked back. We’ve sold them to people all over the world and have many happy repeat customers who all swear by the benefits of using our bath bombs for unwinding after a busy day, muscle recovery from exercise, sleep issues and many other reasons.

We quickly realised that using existing white and private label businesses was not going to be effective for our bath bomb products, due to the minimum order quantities and sketchy manufacturing processes  Рso we decided to bite the bullet and start making them ourselves at our nottingham facility. This is when Magical Cosmetics was born.

If you would like to launch your own CBD or Non-CBD Bath Bomb brand then contact our team today who will advise and help you plan and launch your dream business.

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